Wholesale Nursery


Forever Green Tree Farm has available high-quality, hand-pruned conifer nursery trees. Our primary species are  Colorado Blue Spruce, Englemann spruce, Black Hills spruce, western larch, corkbark fir, bristlecone pine, ponderosa pine and south western white pine

Our farm is at 3,100 feet in elevation which produces cold, hardy trees and delays bud break well into May. This allows the whole month of April and May for digging and delivery to you as your inventory demands.

The trees are skillfully and carefully dug to maintain tree and ball quality. Our soil is a silt loam with clay. This soil type, combined with our careful digging and handling, produces a tight root ball with no cracking or breakage. The trees are balled and burlapped and placed in wire baskets.

We ship based on agreed-to dates. We will ship both mixed orders and any quantity. Prices are FOB FARM with customer paying freight charges.

We will arrange commercial shipping to 49 States and Canada for you!

At the time of placing your order, a 50% deposit will hold the plant material in your name. If the order is cancelled after March 1st, the deposit is non-refundable. The balance of the order is due prior to shipping. We look forward to providing you with our “high quality, North Idaho and Eastern Washington-grown, cold-hardy nursery stock”!



Wholesale B&B Prices

SizeColorado Blue SpruceEnglemann Spruce
Black Hills SpruceWestern LarchCorkbark Fir
Ponderosa pine Bristlecone pine
3 ft.
4 ft. $139.00$121.00$210.00
5 ft. $174.00$155.00$183.00$115.00$177.00$336.00
6 ft. $223.00$195.00$229.00$150.00$236.00$406.00
7 ft.$286.00$242.00$304.00$188.00$308.00$506.00
8 ft.$377.00$311.00$409.00$247.00$389.00
9 ft.$549.00$359.00$536.00$327.00$485.00
10 ft.$632.00$472.00$633.00$632.00$481.00$640.00
11 ft.$739.00$546.00$739.00$515.00$793.00
12 ft.$858.00$661.00$858.00$616.00$956.00
13 ft.$986.00$986.00$710.00
14 ft.$1155.00$1155.00$829.00
15 ft.$1403.00$1403.00
16 ft.$1609.00$1609.00
17 ft.$1797.00$1797.00

Subject to availability. Prices may change without notice. Contact us for current prices and inventory. 

Delivery Area

Wholesale orders can be delivered anywhere in the US (excluding Hawaii) and Canada. 

Delivery Available

We can quickly and easily arrange professional delivery using semi-trucks and LTL (less than a load) carriers.  

Ball and Burlap (B&B)

Tightly bound burlap keeps roots and soil intact, retaining moisture, and reduces transplant shock.

Trees 3-15 ft. Available

Trees of all sizes are readily available for pickup from our location or can be delivered to your location.