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Forever Green Tree Farm has available high-quality, hand-pruned conifer nursery trees. Our primary species are Fraser Fir, Norway Spruce, Austrian Pine and Colorado Blue Spruce.

Our farm is at 3,100 feet in elevation which produces cold, hardy trees and delays bud break well into May. This allows the whole month of April for digging and delivery to you as your inventory demands.

The trees are skillfully and carefully dug to maintain the tree ball and ensure the highest quality. Our soil is a silt loam with clay. This soil type combined with skilled digging, produces a tight root ball with no cracking or breakage. The trees are balled and burlapped and placed in wire baskets.

We deliver promptly, both mixed orders and any quantity. Prices are FOB FARM and the shipping rate is 14% of the total order within 100 miles of Forever Green Tree Farm.

We also provide our high quality nursery trees to the public for tremendous savings due to our direct from the farm Prices.

We look forward to providing you with our high-quality, North Idaho grown nursery stock!

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